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CPAA events programme unveiled for 2024

From a 20-date packed in-person seminar programme, to regular live webinars led by renowned industry experts, there is a huge amount on offer from the CPAA for the year ahead and plenty to get involved in.


Kicking off the events calendar for 2024 is a webinar featuring Kevin Read, a chartered accountant and accomplished professional tutor and training consultant. He will run a session for members on the topic of Principal Private Residence (PPR) relief on Tuesday 6th February, taking participants through the basics, exploring key cases and looking at a range of potential scenarios. Keep an eye out for the sign-up email arriving shortly.



How to get involved

Our live webinars run throughout the year, cover a vast array of topics, and they are free for members. Details on how to register for the live webinars will be emailed to members the week before each event, with a link to book your place. Each session has a set timeslot of 11am-12noon and topic titles will be confirmed in the registration emails. By attending, you gain 1 hour of structured CPD points. Older webinars can be viewed on CPAA Zone.


The seminar programme will run across 10 locations in March and again in September, covering all regions and offering members a chance to learn something new, mix with industry peers and earn CPD points. Members will receive details of the regional seminars that include the registrations details and topics for the seminars will be confirmed before each event. By attending, you earn 6 hours of structured CPD points.



Dates for your diary



·        Tuesday 6th February, webinar with Kevin Read on PPR

·        Monday 27th February, webinar with Julia Penny

·        Thursday 29th February, webinar with Ros Martin



·        Tuesday 12th March, North West seminar. Bolton

·        Wednesday 13th March, Northern Ireland seminar. Belfast

·        Thursday 14th March, South West seminar. Exeter

·        Thursday 14th March, London seminar. Chigwell, London

·        Tuesday 19th March, North East seminar. Durham

·        Tuesday 19th March, Hampshire seminar. Romsey

·        Tuesday 19th March, Essex/East Anglia seminar. Chelmsford

·        Tuesday 19th March, Scotland seminar. Glasgow

·        Wednesday 20th March, Midlands seminar. Birmingham

·        Wednesday 20th March, Kent seminar. Maidstone

·        Wednesday 27th March, webinar with Ros Martin



·        Tuesday 9th April, webinar with Russell Cockburn

·        Tuesday 23rd April, webinar with Ros Martin

·        Tuesday 30th April, webinar with David Moll



·        Wednesday 15th May, webinar with Jeremy Mindell

·        Wednesday 29th May, webinar with Ros Martin



·        Thursday 6th June, webinar with Dean Wootten

·        Tuesday 11th June, webinar with Tim Palmer

·        Tuesday 18th June, webinar with Amanda Fisher

·        Wednesday 26th June, webinar with Ros Martin


·        Tuesday 9th July, webinar with Kevin Read

·        Tuesday 30th July, webinar with Ros Martin



·        Thursday 8th August, webinar with Malcolm Greenbaum

·        Wednesday 28th August, webinar with Ros Martin



·        Tuesday 10th September, North West seminar. Bolton

·        Tuesday 10th September, North East seminar. Durham

·        Wednesday 11th September, Northern Ireland seminar. Belfast

·        Thursday 12th September, South West seminar. Exeter

·        Thursday 12th September, London seminar. Chigwell, London

·        Tuesday 17th September, Hampshire seminar. Romsey

·        Tuesday 17th September, Essex/East Anglia seminar. Chelmsford

·        Tuesday 17th September, Scotland seminar. Glasgow

·        Wednesday 18th September, Midlands seminar. Birmingham

·        Wednesday 18th September, Kent seminar. Maidstone

·        Tuesday 24th September, webinar with Ros Martin



·        Tuesday 15th October, webinar with Jeremy Mindell

·        Tuesday 29th October, webinar with Julia Penny

·        Thursday 31st October, webinar with Ros Martin



·        Thursday 14th November, webinar with Dean Wootten

·        Tuesday 26th November, webinar with Ros Martin


Get involved

Members must complete 20 hours of both structured/verifiable CPD and 20 hours of non-structured/verifiable CPD throughout the year. To make this manageable, we always suggest spreading this out over several months, hence having such a rich and diverse array of events available for members right through the year.


As most members are aware, structured/verifiable CPD is verified by the CPAA and is a requirement of obtaining a CPAA Practising Certificate. This ensures that members of the public can have confidence that certificate holders are up to date on their knowledge. Monthly tax update sessions lead by Ros Martin, plus sessions on financial reporting issues, VAT issues and compliance topics are designed to keep members up to date on the most pressing professional topics.


Over the course of the year, we will explore some of the topics covered in our events here and our guest speakers will share their expert insights too. Keep checking this news page for updates.


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