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Meet the Speaker: Ros Martin

Our 2024 webinar series is now in full flow and this week sees the latest in our monthly series of tax updates from Ros Martin. Ros is an esteemed expert in the field of taxation and her regular webinars offer a blend of topical updates and technical discussion. With a wealth of experience spanning consultancy, training and tax expertise, Ros brings a unique perspective to the table.


Ahead of her upcoming webinar on 27th March, we are shining a spotlight on Ros to give you a better insight into one of our speakers. If you are not attending this week’s webinar and would like to hear Ros’ update, the webinar will be available on CPAA Zone afterwards.


What topics do my monthly webinars cover?

We aim for a mix of news and updates combined with technical topics – often ones that have been selected by the members who attend. This month we will be focusing on the Budget; we will always cover anything significant like that. We will be discussing what members need to be thinking about in terms of their own clients.


What caught my eye in the Budget?

The changes to the high income child benefit charges were helpful and I suspect the provisions relating to furnished holiday lettings are going to cause a problem, although we have very little detail yet about these changes.


Why do I recommend accountants engage in webinars like this?

It is only an hour and I aim to be as relevant to the members as possible. Those attending can ask questions on any topic they want and the conversations can get quite lively at times. It is interesting to hear what others are thinking about, so it acts as a forum as well as being a good way of keeping updated.


What’s my background and expertise?

I started out in the Inland Revenue, as it was then, as a fully training inspector but left 20 years ago to work in consultancy and training. I have a mix of both, which keeps the training relevant as I know what questions I am being asked by my own clients. I deal with all aspects of direct tax and Stamp taxes.


What professional topics interest me at the moment?

I think the real issue at the moment is keeping updated with an increasingly complex tax world. Clients are struggling financially and wanting to pay less tax if they can. There is always this feeling that there must be something that can be done (often fuelled by conversations down the pub or on the golf course!) and so there is pressure on advisors to try to be creative.


What advice would I give someone keen to keep up with industry developments?

Monthly update webinars are a really good way to keep updated and they will give you ideas of what areas you should be looking at. Engaging with your peers during these sessions is also a great way to get involved.


What do I like about sharing my knowledge with peers and other professionals?

I think I am a good communicator and there is something rewarding about being able to explain issues in a way that – I hope – is clear and understandable. It is especially satisfying to get questions from participants, and the CPAA audience is brilliant at asking fascinating questions. Having the monthly contact has established a great relationship with the regular attendees - so it is a part of my month that I really look forward to.


What do I do for my own professional development?

I spend a lot of time reading material online and also discussing issues with colleagues. Preparing lectures counts as CPD for most professional bodies, so I am always researching different topics and trying to find ways to make tax interesting! (I do try my best!)


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