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Representation Matters: Help us to help you

As a member-driven organisation committed to acting in the best interests of our members, representation work is a core function of the CPAA as we seek to shape the future of our profession. We want you to get involved; by working together, we can make a meaningful impact on the policies and practices that affect us.


We engage, inform and influence on behalf of our members. This involves collaborating with UK government agencies, regulators, lenders, business, employers and other professional accountancy bodies. The CPAA has long sent representatives to key forums and, over the years, more resources have been devoted to representation work.

Through strategic engagement, we aim to inform and influence policies. We champion changes that better support accountants, advocating for reforms and improvements that benefit the entire profession. However, this is only possible with your input.

Here are some steps you can take to engage with what we do, so we can represent you as effectively as possible:


Join our campaigns: Take an active role in our advocacy efforts by participating in our campaigns. Over the past year, we have run a campaign urging MPs to call for improved investment and service from HMRC, and we have a petition calling on the Government to scrap the requirement for quarterly reporting within the plans for Maxing Tax Digital for Income Tax Self-Assessment. In supporting and sharing our campaigns, you will help them succeed.


Consultation input: Where consultations have an impact on our profession, we endeavour to get involved on behalf of members – and we want to increase the number of consultations the CPAA participates in. Currently, we are heavily involved in the agent standards consultation, which has the potential to shake up the sector. We also aim to issue a response on the Powers Review – HMRC’s new consultation on modernising its tax administration powers and safeguards. Keep an eye out for news and updates from the CPAA team on how to feed into our consultation responses.


Participate in events: Whether it's a webinar, seminar or other event, your involvement helps create a community that everyone benefits from. Stay informed and engaged by attending our in-person and online events; they provide valuable insights and updates on key industry developments. They also enable you to connect with fellow practitioners, share experiences, and gain new perspectives.


Work with us: By being an active member of the CPAA and sharing your experiences, it helps shape what we campaign for and how we do it. If you have specific issues or challenges that you'd like us to address, we urge you to get in touch. Whether that is through direct communication with the membership team or regional branches, answering our surveys, or feeding into consultations, your input helps us better understand and represent your interests.


By taking a few simple steps to engage in what we do, you can empower yourself and contribute to the voice of our profession. Make sure you are signed up for any updates from us, follow us on social media, check the resources in CPAA Zone, go to our events, and reach out with any thoughts, concerns or suggestions by emailing: 


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